Dental abutment for the stable implant connection

Without the dental abutment, which acts as a connecting element between tooth root replacement and dental crown, no two-part implant can be realized. Perfect quality is required here in order to achieve a perfect result with regard to the functionality of the denture.

At MF Dental you can order proven products from renowned manufacturers. Choose from our range the dental abutment, which is compatible with the corresponding implant system. We offer you several series, so you can provide your patients with tailor-made quality abutments at any time:

1.27 HEX, fits all angled kerators and abutments, total length 20 mm
in three different lengths (15, 21 or 27 mm), suitable for the REGULAR, WIDE, BONE | implant systems RC and BONE | NC
fits all straight kerators, total length 18 mm
Torque ratchet for screwing in and removing screws with a defined torque in the dental field (screwdriver not included)

Abutment or laboratory analog in a suitable design

For a secure fit of the prosthesis, a stable "supporting pillar" is needed, which connects the ingrown implant body in the jaw bone with the visible implant structure, such as a dental crown. The abutment thus serves to integrate the bone-penetrating (endosseous) implant into the mucosa of the oral cavity. This is also referred to as periointegration, which seals the natural gingival margin so that infection or inflammation of the underlying connective and bone tissue does not occur.

In addition, you can purchase lab analogues from MF Dental. A laboratory analog replicates the connection of an abutment to the implant. Such a simulation reliably determines the shape, dimensions and position of the required connectors. In addition, custom-fit dentures can be created on this basis, so that no complications due to incorrect dimensions occur when they are inserted.

Order dental abutment or laboratory analog online

Our professional dental trade will reliably provide you with the dental care you need for proper treatment. Get an overview of our diversified portfolio and select appropriate articles for your dental practice. You can do your order comfortably and uncomplicated online in our shop. The goods are usually dispatched on the same day, which ensures short delivery times.

If you have questions about a specific dental abutment or laboratory analogue from our product range, you can contact us personally from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm under our service hotline +49 (0) 9605/924520. With our technical expertise and comprehensive product knowledge, we provide you with comprehensive advice so that you can always use the right abutments - whether gingiva formers, impression posts or kerators for a prosthesis. We appreciate your interest!

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